About us

Diabetes & wellbeing is run by two highly experienced diabetes specialist nurses.

Helen Gibson

Clinical Director
MSc Diabetes Care, Registered General Nurse, NMP

A highly regarded independent Diabetes Nurse Consultant, Helen is an expert in healthcare professional education. She has previously worked as an honorary lecturer at the University of York and has authored several publications.

Helen has lectured nationally and

internationally. She has extensive experience of developing and leading nurse-led services, including insulin pumps, erectile dysfunction and patient education.

She currently works with the Leeds North Diabetes Programme, and also runs a complex diabetes clinic in a GP practice. Helen developed our Training Needs Assessment tool.


Rebecca Owen

Education Director
BSc (Hons) Diabetes Nursing, Registered Nurse (Adult), NMP

A highly regarded Diabetes Nurse Consultant, Rebecca has extensive experience developing and leading nurse-led services, specialising in diabetes and kidney disease.

She is an expert in healthcare professional education having taught at the University of York and provides mentorship and training for Practice Nurses and Community Nurses.

Rebecca has extensive experience developing and teaching patient education programmes, and in a previous education lead role successfully led the QISMET accreditation process. She currently works with the Primary Care Training Centre, the Leeds North Diabetes Programme, and runs nurse-led clinics in primary care.

Diabetes & Wellbeing

Helen and Rebecca established Diabetes & Wellbeing as an independent enterprise to provide a broad range of specialist services, delivered in imaginative ways in locations convenient for clients.

They share a passion for diabetes education having witnessed it transform people’s lives. By helping people take control of their diabetes so it doesn’t control them, Helen and Rebecca see at first hand what a difference this can make to quality of life.

At the leading edge of diabetes best practice, they develop and deliver evidence-based education to patients and healthcare professionals.

Feedback from these courses has been overwhelmingly positive. Attendees praise the friendly, positive atmosphere, and the clarity and relevance of the content.

Areas of special interest:

  • Developing diabetes services in primary care
  • diabetes risk reduction and treatment optimisation
  • complex diabetes management in general practice
  • education for clinicians, patients and carers


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Invited talks and conferences

2005: Invited lecture in Takamatsu, Japan – Diabetes care and the role of the Diabetes Specialist Nurse in York. Helen Gibson

2007: Invited lecture in Takamatsu, Japan – The role of the Young Persons Diabetes Specialist Nurse at York. Helen Gibson

2009: Invited lecture in Takamatsu, Japan – The role of a Diabetes Specialist Nurse in a UK hospital diabetes centre. Rebecca Owen

2010: Invited lecture for the Yorkshire Practice Nurse Association – A Diabetes Update. Rebecca Owen

2014: Invited lecture for the Huddersfield primary care diabetes conference – Diabetes treatment pathways. Helen Gibson & Rebecca Owen

2016: Invited lecture for Diabetes UK Professional Conference – HeLP-Diabetes – A recipe for success? Rebecca Owen & Kingshuk Pal

2017: Invited workshop for YDEF Annual Day at Diabetes UK – Designing and delivering an effective education programme in diabetes. Rebecca Owen & Kingshuk Pal

2018: Invited lecture for the Primary Care Training Centre – Diabetes: The Ticking Time Bomb. Rebecca Owen